Normanton Allotments

Zulf, Normanton Allotments

Zulf, Normanton Allotments

I’ve had my plot at Normanton Allotments for about 9 years. My dad and I worked on it together and when he couldn’t look after it anymore I took it over.

The idea of having an allotment came to me after watching a lot of gardening and allotment TV programmes. I was curious and wanted to give it go.

I work full-time as an engineer and the allotment provides me a complete contrast to work life. It’s an escape from the modern world and all its stresses, and very relaxing after a hard day at work.

Stephen, Normanton Allotments


My allotment is central to my life. Since I was 8 years old I have been coming to Normanton Allotments. My dad had a plot and he made a small square plot just for me. I would dig it, plant it with flower and vegetable seeds, and keep them watered. I would get so excited seeing how much they had grown.

As a teenager I helped dad with the digging and harvesting. Then as an adult I took on a vacant plot next to my dad’s plot, and we carried on coming to the allotment together. When my dad died I kept his plot along with mine, and later took on a third vacant plot!